Sue and David threw us a book party on Tuesday night and it was grand! We invited a mixed group – Millennials (a few from the book), bosses (CEOs and such), media, and friends. I’ve known Sue since our children were two years old. When she married David Rockefeller, Jr., David (my husband) and I had the pleasure of celebrating at their wedding. David and Sue care deeply about the oceans, about families, and about protecting the earth. So when they offered to throw a launch party for a book about helping Millennials face their toughest challenges at work, I was touched. No mermaids, no ocean acidification, no sailing themes here! Just pure love of doing good combined with the love of learning.

The food and drinks were amazing, as was the atmosphere. I kept seeing two degrees of separation at play. A young woman came knew my oldest daughter, Gaby, who was sadly stuck on an out of town consulting assignment. Two women from Bloomberg arrived, not realizing the other had been invited. A Chairman and his wife attended, meeting the young clothing designer whose clothes were selling out in the chairman’s stores. Millennials met others from the book and bonded. Friendship was in the air.

Sue kicked off the night’s program, affirming that she had read the book and really liked it. In her mind, the book will help bosses and parents of Millennials too, because it allows us to see work through Millennial eyes. I facilitated a “lightning series” of Millennial vignettes delivered by some rock stars of the book. David threw out a few gorgeous questions and thoughts for us to contemplate. I realized that Millennial stereotypes are often misinterpretation of Millennial behavior. When you take the time to understand someone, their behavior seems much more reasonable. You might have felt the same way back in the day.

Food for thought. David closed this party by asking us to use “fresh words” that inspire listeners to really hear us. Wow. I hope this book has some fresh words in it to provoke your reflection. David will be the judge.

l. to r., Joanna Barsh, Sue Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Jr. (photo credit: Ylva Erevall)

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