Grow Wherever You Work launches today! Simply put, the publisher (McGraw Hill) has designated this date as GROW’s official launch. October 20th has been sitting in the pit of my stomach ever since early summer, so I will be more than delighted when sunset finally arrives and I can raise a glass. This is my third book, so perhaps you’re surprised that I’m so anxious. You better believe it, I’m surprised too.

Launching a book for me is like launching a capsule into space. Where did it go? Will anybody buy it, read it, enjoy it, get something from it? My daughter, Jetta, has already tried to convince me that she liked reading GROW. Her opinion matters a heck of a lot to me, since I wrote this book for her (that’s another story, all in due time). I’m happy that Jetta liked the book. Hey, I’m thrilled. So why am I waiting for the opinions of strangers – individuals who don’t know that’s me shining through on each page, or who don’t even care?

Here’s the lesson in this: when a 60+ year old feels anxious about her new creation, acting out in a non-confident way, it’s just evidence that confidence comes and goes. It’s NORMAL. Maybe a tiny percentage of the population feels (over)confident all of the time, but they’re the odd ones out. I am not. You are not. We all lose our way, need a bit of validation from others, and can benefit from a boost now and then. I’ll recover even if my husband, David, loves the movie quote from Walk Hard, when Edith says, “I do believe in you. I just know you’re gonna fail!”

It’s a good book. I’m glad I researched and wrote it. I’m glad Jetta liked it and got something from it. And I really hope you do too.

Me with Jetta… (photo credit: Ylva Erevall)
Me with Ja’Nay Hawkins – a Millennial rising leader (photo credit: Ylva Erevall)

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